Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Festival Project

Ooo its been a while since...I wrote a new post, let me tell you I was extremely busy with so many projects going on at the same of my major projects this year is the Festival Project. We all know that the upcoming festival season is almost here...I'm talking about Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. This year I want all of you to celebrate in style. That's why I'm releasing new designs which are as individual as you are.

Check out some of the new t-shirt designs at

Ganesh T-ShirtLAKSHMI T-ShirtCome to the darkside we have cookies.Halloween T-Shirts

these designs are just a start I'm going to release at least 10 to 15 new designs for this project...I will do them 1 at a make sure each design is executed properly.

So come on in and check out what's in store for your favorite festival and stay tuned for upcoming new designs. Visit to see all of the designs.


  1. Hi, I have these Halloween Tees designed myself., whoever in the mood for Halloween should be interested in these too ! :) Happy Halloween

  2. Nice t-shirts Karsin. Great shop layout as well..!! Hope you sell lots...!