Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot New Desi T-Shirts

Hey peeps, hope your having a nice holiday season. I thought I'd update you with my latest desi t-shirts.

Kiss Me, I'm Punjabi Everyone loves a Punjabi Girl

I released Kiss Me, I'm Punjabi and Everyone loves a Punjabi Girl t-shirt designs. One person (Anonymous) who contacted me on MySpace told me that the new designs are absolutely rocking and that he is planning to gift a few to some of his desi friends.

The (Kiss Me, I'm Punjabi) design is already famous in the cafepress marketplace.

My design is number one for the keyword "desi". Now that just tells that my designs really are one of a kind. May be I'm exxagurating, but its the truth.

Extras: Also, in my previous post I mentioned about the webiste re-design, thats coming along great, The newly re-designed site will launch on Jan 1, 2008. So Stay Tuned.

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