Thursday, May 15, 2008


ANNOUNCEMENT: is very happy to launch 3 NEW Products to our inventory. The designs on these products will be done using InfiniStitch™ Embroidery.

"MENS POLO" available in black for the first time.
"WOMENS POLO" available in black for the first time.
"DENIM SHIRT" jeans shirt available for the first time.

What is InfiniStitch™ Embroidery ?


InfiniStitch™ Embroidery is similar to traditional embroidery, as it uses dyed thread, is sewn directly onto the product, and is durable and safe for washing machines. InfiniStitch™ Embroidery is superior to traditional embroidery in the following ways:

Infinite colors: Ability to have an infinite amount of color
Endless Possibilities: Most existing artwork can be applied to InfiniStitch™ Embroidered products, even photographs!

Short Process: No digitization necessary.
Accessible: No special design talent or skills necessary
Quick: All InfiniStitch™ Embroidery products are produced with same shipping times as existing products

Affordable: Revolutionary prices for one-of-a-kind merchandise
Revoluntionary Pricing Model: Flat pricing, not traditional per-stitch pricing

Get the NEW products at

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