Monday, January 26, 2009

Who's the hottest girl in the world ?

A Desi Girl !!

That's right, were starting off 2009 with the coolest apparel for desi chicks, 5 desi girl designs are in progress in addition to "Everyone loves a Desi Girl" and "Desi Chick" designs which are fairly new.

Desi girls have been putting in requests that they want more desi t-shirts geared towards them and they specifically told me to leave the boys behind. Now, how can I reject. As soon as tdjunkie released DESI CHICK t-shirt featuring Aiswariya Rai, desi girls went crazy and got them as soon as they can to claim bragging rights. Making it the number one womens desi t-shirt in 2008. Check it out, it is still making the girls want one ASAP.

Desi Girl

and this desi girl t-shirt is also in good standing position in a long time, so we gave it an updated look (see below),

Everyone loves a Desi Girl

See all the desi designs at

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