Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Most Anticipated Desi T-Shirt of the Year!

It's June 6, 2009
So what's so special ? Its TDjunkie's B'day, and the release of the most anticipated Desi T-Shirt of the year: The PATANG.

First, Here is the B'day Gift:

$5 off when you spend $50 or more. Expires Jun 10, 2009.
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Now the PATANG,
Patang, the desi kite. Whenever we think of kites we think of colors, joy and happiness. The Patang Festival (the Kite Festival – one of the popular festivals of India) is full of fun,
frolic, fiesta and family togetherness… excitement of bedazzlement, an occasion of vibrancy, which the entire family celebrates and the sky is filled with varied hues.

Celebrated across India,
All of the biggest cities in India celebrate kite flying Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, and more. In India, this festival is called "Makar Sakanrantri". They also celebrate flying kites in Pakistan, China, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan.

Kids Desi T-Shirt Patang Desi T-Shirt

For the first time, we have put the amazing PATANG on a t-shirt, we have two versions of this design, One is the Katte (When you cut a flying kite) version, and other one is the Plain version.

I hope you guys like these new concept in desi t-shirts, like always TDjunkie is the trusted source for great t-shirts, our variety of designs speak for themselves.

Enjoy it.

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