Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ok, BIG NEWS from TDjunkie

Ok, your probably wondering why haven't we posted anything since almost 2 months now, well we got darn good reason. We're launching a brand new website, yes you heard it right,WE'RE LAUNCHING A BRAND NEW WEBSITE, and the name is SUPER OFFENSIVE. We mean the shop name itself is literally called SUPER OFFENSIVE, check it out:

So, what's the business ?
In our effort to keep things pure desi at TDjunkie were taking out our offensive t-shirts and putting them on our brand new brand / website devoted just for offensive t-shirts, we've given it an awesome name which we hope you'll never forget, SUPER OFFENSIVE. It can be reached at (Damn it, we still can't believe we were able to get this name.)

What will change ?
OFFENSIVE t-shirts at will be removed / forwarded to The offensive t-shirts you see at will now be available at and whole lot of new offensive t-shirts which are gonna be out soon. So all the offensive t-shirt fans keep your eyes at

Why this change ?
You see many people were getting offended that we carry sikhi / hindusim t-shirts yet we also sell offensive t-shirts on the same website. Our primary goal is to make you happy not offended, so we've decided to take out offensive t-shirts from TDjunkie as a whole and into its own world which now belongs at

Now were even more desi, and we'll offer you even better designs and greater shopping experience at

We've just become bigger, better, and easier than ever.

The trusted source for great t-shirts.

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