Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where do you buy Punjabi t-shirts?

Where do you buy Punjabi T-Shirts ? at Nagar Kirtan, at a Mela, at Special Functions, that is crazy !! Your wasting your money.

People, your wasting your money on booths / stalls which are setup on the streets on wooden tents. They are out there to loot you for cheap piece of clothing and an easy way to reach hundreds of people. They do this because its an easy way to make money and they know you'll fall in to their trap.

Here are the companies who are doing this..
Turban Inc, Rootsgear, Panjab Mall, 1469, Vikram Khalsa, and Small Unknown Vendors

(Disclaimer: We're not associated with these companies or degrading them by showing you their names/images, we just want you to make an informed choice. Like always, its your choice.)

A smart person would never buy from the streets, because he / she knows that 100's or even 1000's of these tees are printed via a local screen printing companies, handled unprofessionally, unbranded, and sold for alot more than their worth. Most of the punjabi community knows this, yet they still do the same mistake of purchasing a cheap t-shirt from a punjabi t-shirt company who have set up their so called booths because they don't want to setup a real shop for themselves, setting up a booth, makes them the underdog.

People, are you nuts!! There is a better way to shop for t-shirts and its in your home. Yes, Home sweet Home, at you can browse for what you like, then make your purchase directly online from the comfort of your home, on our safe and secure website which is powered by industry leader Cafepress since over 9 years now. You'll feel the difference when you wear our tees, because they are printed on the world's biggest brands Hanes, American Apparel, and Adidas.

These punjabi t-shirt companies also have their own websites and they will sell you leftovers from what they are bringing back from their booths. Do you really want to order a leftover piece of clothing? Think again, before making that purchase with them online or offline (booths).

Do the right thing. Order from a trusted online source, and we've been doing this since 2001, and just recently we've enhanced features on our website to make our designs absolutely easy to find and categorized appropriately. Visit to discover what you've been missing and just compare us. We carry the world's biggest selection of punjabi and desi t-shirts.

We hope you'll make an informed choice, after all you'll be wearing it, it will represent you.

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