Monday, August 6, 2007

Khalistan - A exclusive retro tshirt design..

A retro styled khanda art with wings of a different dimension. A sikh art piece approached with strict khalsa soldier mindset. A definite bold classic style for Khalsa soldiers.

The reason for this unique KHALISTAN design (for those who don't know what khalistan is ? read this) is because of the complex issues a khalsa soldier faces in making a nation. I gave this design a retro feel because the Khalistan movement was started in 1984 which is fairly longtime to make it a retro. This design is something very unique which the khalsa soldiers can wear.

Before this design, I researched the tshirt industry and found out that they is nothing like this in the punjabi tshirt market...most punjabi's just wore simple khanda tshirts....very old and boring. By releasing this exclusive design they can have a well designed tshirt which reflects their hard efforts to make KHALISTAN a nation.

This design is exclusively offered through my shop

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