Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2 New Punjabi T-Shirts

The first one is the "Chak de Phatte" and the second one "Bhangra: The New Hiphop".

The first tee is a very famous punjabi saying "Chak de Phatte" which means keep it up. While I was exploring the options for the design I asked one of my american friends to read it...and he replied "Check out the Fatty" I laughed like crazy ....right there I wrote it down ...therefore making this really cool tee. Works with all people. Buy this tee right here.

The second tee "Bhangra: The New Hiphop" idea came in my mind when I was listening to some hiphop music....after the track got over the next track began which was a bhangra track and I did not even feel the differece while listenting, they both sounded almost the same except for lyrics and instruments...the beat sounded the same ...so while listening this track I was like Bhangra is the new hiphop...and ended up with this new breakthrough design for music lovers worldwide. Music is truly universal and this tee has just expained that fact ! Get this tee at TDjunkie.com.

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