Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Graphics, Record Vistors, guess what ?

TDjunkie.com is going through a major graphic change in all of its t-shirt sections if you haven't already noticed. Major new t-shirt designs are in development in all areas of the website. So some great new t-shirts are about to launch, I will keep you up to date with this blog.

Major News, T-SHIRT DESIGN JUNKIE (tdjunkie.com) has received record number of page views in February 2008, an amazing 11,877 page views with over 1000 visitors in 29 days. That's really great news, considering in December the number was at 4941 page views in 31 days. So, to celebrate this little growth, new t-shirt designs will be launched, and a new SALE coming real soon.

A major goal of TDjunkie.com is to be the top destination for great looking t-shirts on the Internet and only your continued support can make this happen.

Thank you, I will be updating with new posts about NEW t-shirts, so stay tuned to look handsome in Summer :).


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