Saturday, July 19, 2008

Singh is Kinng and Snoop Dogg is the King of Hip-hop

The king of hip-hop music "Snoop Dogg" has gone Desi.

He came out with Akshay Kumar (bollywood actor) in the new movie titled "Singh is Kinng". Luckily T-SHIRT DESIGN JUNKIE has a Singh is King t-shirt designed way before this movie came out, was the first to actually come out with a t-shirt almost a year back, the trendy-ness name catched on to become a bollywood movie.

Exciting, you bet, Singh is King is dopey and all the hype is necessary, especially if it involves "Snoop Dogg" "Akshay Kumar" and my website.

Get a Singh is King t-shirt at Just to help you navigate, its in the SIKH section.

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