Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I like to Bang ! and release new Desi fun !!

OK that did not sound nice, but it would make one heck(a) cool desi t-shirt to rock on if put a dhol (drum) on it and that's exactly what T-SHIRT DESIGN JUNKIE has done.

Take a look,

At T-SHIRT DESIGN JUNKIE, 7 new desi tees were released last month alone to keep with the growing demand and requests from TDjunkie fans. Desi people are sick and tired of wearing t-shirts with "Desi" written on it. Yet some desi companies keep on realising them. Although, I'm guilty, I have a couple of t-shirts which were released in 2002 with the word "Desi" but its not cool anymore.

mission is to continuously provide the most stylish and innovating line of clothing to complement, enhance, and accent an urban desi lifestyle. The Junkie takes an enormous degree of pride in delivering the most creative ideas and concepts to each line of production and design.

If you haven't already noticed, Things are quite different at My new designs reflect core desi culture in a creatively funny manner.

The PEOPLE want more, I also released Amitabh Bachchan tees last month, which explains why I did not not post anything in August. I'll talk about Amitabh Bachchan in my next blog. Lates,

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