Saturday, November 1, 2008

Web Design Issues Resolved

Notice anything different lately at ? Yes, I've updated a lot of things, here is brief summary of the issues that got resolved. If your a web designer or developer you might want to read this post as it highlights problems and solutions to everyday jargon which a web designer faces in his daily life.

Issue # 1
Browser Compatibility

With over 4 to 5 good browsers available today its hard to keep up with how the website looks on each and every one.

Internet Explorer 7+ users always see the website, exactly the way I designed it.
Firefox 3 users have been complaining to me that the top flash bar does not appear correctly on their browser and I have tested this problem, therefore they think its not cool.

Safari / Chrome, the mac and new google browser show my website exactly the same way, they show the top bar slightly to the right, which made the whole page look uneven.

The Result:
All these browser problems have now been eliminated as I've updated the website with brand new bar, which is even on all browsers, and looks superb on all browsers.


Issue # 2

On the website the top logo / coupon bar was so big that it had hidden key ares of clicking and looking. I found this problem by evaluating my website at my college campus. People don't like to put effort while shopping, they go by whats attractive to them. This resulted in very little people looking at the new featured designs, and specific content which is available to them, all they had to do is scroll.

The Result:
A brand new logo bar. Totally lifted this up by 80 % from the previous logo bar this makes the content apprear to the eye level, thus making it easier to click whats available in .5 secs of decision clicking (notice, I said clicking, not making).

So there you go, a major UPDATE to make life easy. Go see the update.

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