Monday, December 8, 2008

UPDATE: If you love Lil Wayne, then you'll wear Lil Wayne T-Shirts

Lil Wayne
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 Lil Wayne T-Shirts

If you don't know Lil Wayne, he is a young rapper. His music is top level gangsta, in other words its cool. His real name is Michael Carter. His previous album Carter III was on #1 spot on billboard charts and still is on some of the tracks.

I happen to listen to his music its not really inspiring but the art form in which he carries the songs is exceptional. One of my favorite song from his album is "A Milli Milli" it basically means a Millionaire. Now me being the t-shirt junkie that I am, I gotta wear Lil Wayne tees to college just because I can design what I like and wear it too.

It was just a matter of time that I designed a few Lil Wayne t-shirts on Zazzle, they instantly became the next best thing to wear for rappers around the world. Fingers crossed, my design "A Milli Milli" is one of the top designs on cafepress for "Lil Wayne" keyword, its mostly due to people in other countries who love Lil Wayne's music now have a trusted source to buy the t-shirts of their favorite artist.

The tees correspond to representation of what he raps about in his songs, which is very catchy and superb at the same time. So if you love Lil Wayne then wear the best Lil Wayne t-shirts, all available at TDJUNKIE's Zazzle Store, the trusted source for great t-shirts.

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