Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can you believe this shit ?

Can you believe this shit ? funny t-shirt Rational Spelling Bee Champion ! Funny t-shirt

See the title, that's our latest funny t-shirt design, in addition to this design we have also added another new t-shirt called Rational Spelling Bee Champion (try to beat that Snorg Tees / Busted Tees & many more).

Invention is everything in this tough economy, and if you've been bombarded by ads by these huge t-shirt companies to buy their stuff, you've got a choice, wear stuff from TDjunkie and see how were completely different and focus entirely on delivering better / great t-shirts.

TDjunkie always has / will been inventing new t-shirt ideas sometimes even better than million dollar companies like (Snorg Tees, Busted Tees, Desiwear, Desithreads, or Threadless) but people hardly notice (I don't blame ya, we don't spend a penny on advertising), our design "Don't Blame Me, I was born Awesome" was another great t-shirt we did last year and it became instantly famous with the college crowd.

Making new t-shirt inventions isn't rocket science but there is great deal of difference between good t-shirts and great t-shirts. Making great ones does take time and a solid involvement of design principles like typography, visual elements, and the whole picture / idea itself. So keep wearing great t-shirts, because well keep on making them.

The trusted source for great t-shirts.

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