Saturday, April 25, 2009

NEW Black Eyed Peas, T-Pain, and Ratatat Music T-Shirts

Have you heard Black Eyed Peas new song "BOOM BOOM POW" ?


If you haven't heard it then you must have been living in a different planet, its the #1 song on iTunes / Clubs everywhere. It has a slick beat from Will.I.AM who I think is the beat maker of this ish. Well I got this ish in my iPod so it well deserves a t-shirt to go with it, I made a BOOM BOOM POW tee for myself and for all the peeps who trust me to have it on the website as well, because chances are your going to end up wearing it.

Blame it on the Alcohol Tee Shirt

This month alot of new music came out, T-Pain & Jamie Foxx came out with the "Blame it on the Alcohol" actually it goes like 'Blame it on the Alcohol al-al-al-al-a-alcohol'. Have you been paying attention at work ? at school ? at your girlfriend ? this blog ? because if you haven't then you've been partying too much screwing things up in your life, thats why you should wear this tee and 'Blame it on the Alcohol al-al-al-al-a-alcohol' or Blame it on the Henny, or the that new NUVO by Lil Weezy (is it really his ?). Well you get the point, or go drink some alcohol and figure this one out.

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I was browsing through MySpace Music the other day when I came across RATATAT, I fell in musical nirvana as soon as I heard their music. These guys come out with some awesome sounds. I so recommend listening to these guys, simply Awesome. My favorite tracks off their albums are "Shempi", "Mirando", and "Seventeen Years". I got the RATATAT t-shirts done too.

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